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Everyone enjoys a pint of good beer. However we may vary greatly in our preferences on the type of beer we like and the food to go with it.

We all have different taste preferences for beer and food.

Just A Pint (“JAP”) is your very own “personal assistant” to help you locate great bars and restaurants, whether you are meeting a business client over a meal, or hanging out with friends on a Friday night.

JAP allows you to make a much more informed decision on the choice of both the venue, and the beer. Multiple options on the style of beers, accompanying ambience and cuisine, and of course, locations, go a long way in making your selection process a breeze, but an incredibly personalized one.

JAP also lets you rank and review your selection. Your comments and rankings become data points to narrow your own future selections of your favourite beverage. Your inputs are invaluable to the business establishment serving the beer and are shared with them in confidence.

JAP is akin to your personal “beer concierge” that ensures you have a great time, every time, be it selecting a good brew, or where you choose to enjoy it.

Enjoy your pint. Cheers!!

Our Services
For Consumer :
  • Locate and savour any beer tapped in Singapore
  • User friendly tool to select beer, based on beer style & location
  • Easy access to bar & restaurant’s menu and list of events
  • Nifty tool to short list beer venues based on user’s taste preferences
  • User friendly rating and personal note feature allows users to take notes on everything from the beers they enjoyed to the event at the venue & more.
For Business:
  • Easy tool to inform patrons of all beers tapped
  • Significant improvement in client experience, based on private feedback from customer
  • Direct access to core client base
  • Efficient resource planning
  • Ease in publicity and marketing of events
For all beer enthusiasts & establishments
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Enjoy your choice of beers with your choice of cuisine. Cheers !!

Contact Us

Address: 101 Upper Cross Street
People’s Park Centre
Singapore (058357)

Email: jay@justapint.com

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