26 Feb-19
Hong Kong – Craft Beer Tour for the beer enthusiasts

With one of the largest population density in the world (just a sea of humanity), Hong Kong is an awesome city with a great upcoming and thriving craft beer scene. The best part is, the city caters to every possible beer enthusiasts and the variety is impressive & interesting.

The variety is not only on the types of beers but also the variety of outlets.

Hong Kong Island provides an array of beer pubs at every price point. There are bars with over 20 taps with only local breweries, still others which only cater to Belgian Trappists only, and some with everything from Stone to Young Masters.

At Central, which is the business district of the Island, there are some interesting places, but I will just point out a few. Let’s start with two classy destinations – Lobster Bar at the Island Shangri La has couple of taps with great classy live music & amazing ambience. 

Cafe Gray at Upper House has a fabulous view of the Hong Kong harbour (a great place to impress the date) – the menu has a few great craft beers. 

Both of these are both classy and pricey to say the least.

A few minutes ride from Central you will reach Soho where there a few awesome places – ‘The Globe’ just an amazing beer pub with an exhaustive list of primarily international (US/UK/Europe) beer; if you are in the mood for some international craft beer, a short walk up the hill is Round House (there is also a Round House in Central). 

Just before you reach Round House, at Peel St is an institution – 65 Peel St which only serves local breweries – Young Masters, Heros, Black Kite etc. definitely a great place to try all the local beers in the Island & the perfect location for people watching. My personal recommendation would be to go for the beer flight before making your final selection.

In Hong Kong Island there are two more pubs I would highly recommend. From Central, go towards Tin Hau MTR (exit A2) ‘Hong Kong Island Taphouse’ has an amazing selection of +30 taps – primarily serving local beers – Lion Rock, Young Masters, Hong Kong Beer & Heros etc. In addition to the great tap the food is amazing – definitely try the buffalo wings which comes in a variety of flavours. A must go for all craft beer enthusiasts.

If you take the subway or cab on the other direction to Kennedy Town MRT you would reach ‘Little Creatures’ – an Australian institution with some great beers . Little Creatures HK serves all their known brands and also some of their locally brewed beers – which is what I had gone for and was not disappointed at all. Great place for friends and family.

For the travellers looking for a local experience, there are great local pubs in Kowloon (sister island next to the main island of Hong Kong) with only local breweries on tap such as Young Masters, Black Kite, Heros. Great place to make new friends and appreciate the local camaraderie. Deep in Mong Kok is one of my favourite beer pub – ‘Tap Ale Project’ , which has only a few taps with an amazing selection of local (predominantly) and Aussie/Kiwi beers . The folks in Tap are not only friendly but also know their beer. Great place for some chit chat and a few pints – always left happy. Mad House in Kowloon which caters to only European craft beer is a block or so away; for all European craft beer enthusiasts. Both of them have ‘Cicerone’ servers, so you get the total experience.

If you just prefer a staple Irish pub – sipping a pint of Guinness, head to ‘Delaneys’ near iSquare Mall at Tsim Sha Tsui.

The food at most of these places is awesome. A few pubs only have servers who are ‘Cicerone’ certified so a great place for all you beer geeks.

The rules in Hong Kong like most cities is to have a pint or two – appreciate the local camaraderie, get your pint of beer, have a sip and don’t forget to smile.. you will definitely make a friend.

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Enjoy your choice of beers with your choice of cuisine. Cheers !!

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